Vallatest Training Center

At Vallatest Training Center we offer basically 3 courses; Website Design and Development Training, Digital Marketing Training and Graphics Design/Visual Branding Training. 

Our dynamic training curriculum is designed with the most relevant technologies following the rapidly changing IT industry. We create a balance between theories and practicals, to give you all round knowledge and enable you practice at any level.

Our Web Design courses are taught by experienced industry designers and developers, providing the latest web design principles and technologies. We make it our business to constantly monitor current trends and make sure you only learn what’s up to date.


  • Website Overview
  • Domain and Web Hosting Overview
  • Fundamendals of HTML and CSS programming
  • Introduction to PHP – Distinction from HTML
  • Understanding Localhost – Xampp Server
  • Introduction to CMS – use of WordPress
  • Advanced WordPress Website Development
  • Ecommerce Website design
  • Migrating website to live server
  • Search Engine Optimisation
  • Website Security
  • The Business of Web Design

8 weeks (Three times a week)

At the end of the training, you would learn how to practically design Beautiful and Attractive, Responsive, Search Engine Optimised, Secured, Functional and User friendly website the client will love. You will also learn how to relate with and bill clients appropriately. We focus on industry best practices.

METHODOLOGY: Direct Hands-on training. (Theories, Practicals, Class-work, Assignments.)


  • Conducive learning environment
  • Internet Access
  • Detailed Tutorial videos for personal use
  • Ebooks and Soft-notes
  • Relevant Softwares
PROGRAM FEE: ₦50,000


  • Website Traffic Monitoring and Analysis
  • Social Media Marketing
  • Search Engine Marketing
  • Email Marketing
  • Mobile Marketing
  • Content-based SEO

3 weeks (Twice a week)

At the end of the training, you would learn how to plan and effectively execute the various targeted and measurable digital marketing strategies; for a company, to grow your own brand or as a freelance digital marketer. You will also be able to tell when to deploy each method.

METHODOLOGY: Direct Hands-on training. (Theories, Practicals, Class-work, Assignments, Case study.)

PROGRAM FEE: ₦30,000