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We offer very transparent pricing  with no hidden charges.

1 Unit = 1 Naira

Note that unit charges per SMS is dependent on the network provider of the destination number. However, we can subsidize these charges for you when you buy higher amount of SMS Units.

500 - 50,000
Airtel = 1.9 Units
Glo = 1.9 Units
Etisalat = 1.9 Units
MTN = 1.9 Units

50,001 - 100,000
Airtel = 1.75 Units
Glo = 1.79 Units
Etisalat = 1.79 Units
MTN = 1.85 Units

Above 100,000
Airtel = 1.55 Units
Glo = 1.75 Units
Etisalat = 1.75 Units
MTN = 1.85 Units

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Using our SMS system is simple. However, you need to know the following;
  • Every account is verified before activation. Verification is done only once; at registration.
  • You can send SMS to any mobile number in any country using our system
  • Th acceptable format for recipients' contact is 23470xxxxxxxx (there must be country code)
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