It is not surprising that some persons still ask why they should have a website for their business or brand. This questions sometimes arise due to the presence of several social and professional networks such as Facebook, Instagram, Linkedin, Twitter etc, offering great services which help businesses and organisations to have a place on the internet, even for free. They are very useful even to a completely new business.

However, there are several other reasons you need your own website. Some of these you may not find in the social and professional network services. Listed below are some of them.

1. Inexpensive but effective brand property (online office): Owning a great website today does not cost a fortune. There are several packages available for small businesses to own world-class websites at very affordable rates. Click here to get exact figures.

2. Be able to use other advert channels: To use most advertising channels such Google ads, Email Marketing, and even some social media adverting services, you need a website to serve as a landing page for your leads.

3. Service Automation: Set your business on autopilot using a functional website. Share information, receive messages, sale products and services and many more with just customers interfacing with your functional website.

4. Accessibility and Visibility: Get seen and display your selling points to the world. Also provide more user-friendly options for customers to communicate with u.

5. Lead generation through SEO: The rate of search engine usage is rapidly growing, reaching 6,586,013,574 searches per day worldwide (smartinsights). Search Engine Optimization helps you leverage on this teaming search engine usage to reach new leads.

6. Increased sales: You sell more products and services to distant buyers via a user-friendly website.

7. Increased confidence from prospective clients: Your website speaks a lot about your business. Gain the confidence of new leads through a great website.

8. Be alive: Be where others are. Do what others do and then do your own in a different way.

9. Always active even during holidays: Your website is active 24/7 as long as there is no server breakdown. You keep attending to those looking for you via your website even in the night, during weekends and holidays.

10. A must-have for every business in the 21 century: Yes every business of the 21st century needs a website. Get your own now.

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